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Emotional Forces
April 2021

Insomnia: Overtime Brain
March 2021

Your Heart Already Knows
February 2021

Around the World
January 2021


Give It Love
December 2020

Called to Gratitude
November 2020

Your Breath
October 2020

Grounded for Life
September 2020

Finding Peace
August 2020

Keeping Immunity Strong
July 2020

Stress Stomp
June 2020

May 2020

Emotional Reality
April 2020

The Light Inside: Foundation
of Health
March 2020

Beacons of Light
February 2020

Higher Frequencies
January 2020


Heaven on Earth
December 2019

Autumn's Rhythm
November 2019

The Real Expert
October 2019

Earth Rhythm: Energy of Peace
September 2019

Energy of Intuition
August 2019

Summer's Rhythm
July 2019

Seeing Our Value
June 2019

Spring's Rhythm
May 2019

Intention of Joy
April 2019

Energy in Motion
March 2019

Energy for Children
February 2019

What Time Is It?
January 2019


Trust & Belief = Faith
December 2018

Physician Treats Pain with
Energy Medicine  Nov 2018

Can Energy Healing Cure?
October 2018

From Woo-Woo to Why Not?
Sept. 2018

Emotional Trauma Aug. 2018

Finding Your Happy July 2018 

Your Body... June 2018

Forest Medicine May 2018

Your Energies...or Theirs?
Apr 2018

Full Circle Rainbows Mar. 2018

One Energy Feb. 2018

Goodbye & Hello Jan. 2018


Power of the Light Dec. 2017

A Healing Question Nov. 2017

Breath of Life Oct. 2017

Enjoying Life Sept. 2017

Energetic Boundaries Aug 2017 

Energetic Symphony July 2017

Wheels of Life June 2017

Grounded to Earth May 2017

Matrix of Energies April 2017

Rainbow Transformation Mar. 2017

What Can Love Do? Feb. 2017

Living Energy Jan. 2017


Joy Giving Dec. 2016

Giving Yourself Time...  Nov. 2016

Treasured Rewards Oct. 2016

Your Inner Sparkle Sept. 2016

Healing from Trauma Aug. 2016

Words Have Power July 2016

To Heal--To Change June 2016

Inner Forces May 2016

New Spring April 2016

Most Powerful March 2016

Heartwarming Feb. 2016

Happy New You! Jan. 2016 


December Donate Dec. 2015

Thoughts of Gratitude Nov. 2015

Dazzled & Grounded Oct. 2015

Everything is Energy Sept. 2015

Dare to Be August 2015

Summer Tune July 2015

Slow Down June 2015

Thank You May 2015

April Highs & Lows, April 2015

March of Discovery, March 2015

Love & Caring Power Feb 2015

Hug Yourself Jan 2015 and Video


Holiday Harmony Dec 2014

Blessings November 2014

Capacity to Change October 2014

Bringing Love Back Sept 2014

Body & Mind Energies August 2014

Pursuit of Health July 2014

Light and Dance Energy June 2014

MAY wish 2014

In with the New April 2014

March Rainbows 2014

Happy Heart February 2014

Happy New Year 2014






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