USA Practitioners

Eden Energy Medicine was developed by Donna Eden and is described in her book Energy Medicine. Its concepts and techniques combine ancient healing and spiritual traditions with our present-day scientific understandings of health and healing. Donna, with her highly trained and experienced faculty of energy medicine practitioners, provides hands-on, supervised training in energy medicine techniques in the United States and Europe.

Upon completion of educational and training requirements, certified practitioners are listed in an international directory by the location of their energy medicine practices.  Penny is listed in the Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Directory.  To view her listing, Click Here.

If you are living in, or visiting, a location which is not close to the Energy W.A.V.E. location, click on the "USA Practitioners" box below to open in a new window the Energy Medicine Practitioner Directory.  You can search for certified practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine in your area using Donna Eden's Directory. 

There may be other energy medicine practitioners in your area who are not listed on the Donna Eden Directory website, so check your local listings or contact your local Chamber of Commerce for energy medicine services available at your location.