Client Testimonials:

                 "I knew from the start of my pregnancy that I wanted the help of energy medicine while
                 I was in labor to help with pain management. I had been in contact with Penny during my
                 whole pregnancy, and she had helped me with energy medicine for common pregnancy
                 symptoms such as backaches, headaches, and heartburn. From start to finish, I was
                 probably in labor [with my second child] for 4-1/2 hours total. Thinking back, I think all the
                 EM "prep" work that Penny and I did really helped prepare my body for labor and delivery.
                 I'm so glad I got to have energy medicine be a part of my labor and delivery, and that
                 Penny was there providing all her EM knowledge, support and professionalism during such
                 an intimate time and experience. It was just an overall great EM experience with Penny.
                 It was amazing and I felt so blessed to have another healthy baby." 

~ Shannon


                 “Thank you so much for the amazing experience I had with the Energy Medicine!”

~ Sandy


                 "The [energy balancing] session really helped me calm down, focus, and be more peaceful."

~ Tracy


                 “Since I’ve applied the principles of Energy Medicine to my life, I’ve had a greater appreciation
                  and understanding of my body, mind and spirit and the wonderful world around me. I’ve found
                  that my senses are much keener to the beautiful natural world around us and I’ve also learned
                  to help myself heal.  Energy Medicine is a quiet listening to your body, mind and spirit. I would                                                        recommend that 
anyone give it a try!”

~ Jean


                 "With the help of Energy Medicine and Penny I have learned techniques to help me feel more
                  able to manage my migraines. These techniques help me feel the duration and severity of
                  them is lessened."

~ Sheila


                  "My experience with Energy Medicine began with a feel good daily energy routine.  Just as
                   you take 
vitamins to supplement your diet, you can become healthier, more vibrant, and more
                   resilient against 
illness and stress by starting your day with this 5-minute daily energy routine.
                   The techniques in the 
daily routine will:

                                    * boost and restore energy

                                    * balance and harmonize energy

                                    * focus your mind

                                    * relieve mental congestion/headaches

                                    * boost confidence

                   I discovered how good these simple exercises made me feel, and I wanted to learn more on
                   how to 
keep my energies flowing freely to counter against illness and disease.  I encourage
                   you to come in 
and see Penny for an energy evaluation.  Ask about this 5-Minute Daily
                   Energy Routine and learn if 
your energies are flowing freely.  Your session will be very

~ J.S.  


I feel much better! Pain is gone and I can now sit without the pain."

~ Linda


"I am happy with what we did!"

~ Judy


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