Penny Fedje, EEM-CP, Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner

I am a Certified Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and an Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner

Energy W.A.V.E. Healing Arts provides healing support so you can live your life with more freedom! The body's capacity to heal is enhanced by working with its innate energies, and Energy W.A.V.E. empowers You to take charge of your health and healing. 

A powerful complement to traditional allopathic medicine of today, options for energy healing services are expanding in healthcare centers across the U.S. Researchers have found ways to measure a body's energy points and its biofield with supporting evidence that energy healing is effective. Click here for more comprehensive explanation of what energy medicine is, and what it is not.

I have a healthcare background of over 35 years in a variety of health and health-related educational settings. With the complementary alternative practices of energy medicine, the Bars, and my healthcare background, each client I serve experiences holistic, compassionate care and healing support according to their individual needs to balance their life energy systems and empower their body, mind and spirit.

I do not diagnose illness or disease or prescribe medications, and clients are expected and encouraged to consult their medical doctor or primary care provider with any health concerns and before making any changes to their health care. 

Energy healing essions are provided in-office or by phone, while Bars sessions are provided in-office only.  Though the energy modalities used by Energy W.A.V.E. have helped many people, Energy W.A.V.E. does not guarantee any specific outcomes as each experience in an energy balancing session is unique to the individual.

There are also EEM practitioners across the United States as well as in Europe - click here for more information.