What are the benefits of energy medicine or a Bars energy session?

Where will the session take place?

What do you mean by "supportive care" through pregnancy/delivery?

Does Energy Medicine mean I'll receive a massage?

Do I have to be completely undressed for a session?

How will I feel after an energy session?

How long does a session last and what does it cost?

How many energy sessions are recommended?

Does energy medicine involve eating or drinking special products or foods?

Do you use machines or electrical devices to balance a person's energies?

Do you bill insurance for the services you provide? 

Are your services covered by flexible or medical health accounts?


What are the benefits of energy medicine or a Bars energy session?  Energy medicine optimizes the body's overall health and brings about physical improvements by impacting the body's electromagnetic energy fields. This  brings you into a state of harmony and relaxation, which releases pain and stress, and opens the body, mind, and spirit to healing.  An Access Consciousness Bars session is another energy treatment to gently release energies, or the electrical charge, associated with thoughts, feelings, and emotions pertaining to themes such as aging, hope, money, healing, communication, and creativity. A Bars session is a hands-on, in-office or in-person energy session provided as either a stand-alone session or as a follow-up session to an energy medicine session. With a Bars session, energies which have been balanced in a previous energy medicine session have a greater likelihood of continuing in a balanced state, which opens a person's body to even more healing possibilities.

When energies are balanced, flowing, and harmonious, you may experience benefits of:

Where will the session take place?  When your appointment is scheduled in-office at Energy W.A.V.E. the energy balancing session will take place in a dedicated room which is private and comfortable.  If you like, music can be played softly while you lie on a padded table designed for your comfort. If you cannot travel to my in-office location, I may be able to travel to you in some circumstances and depending on my availability. An energy medicine session can also be scheduled as a distance/virtual session provided by phone or via Zoom. An Access Consciousness Bars session is provided in-person only.

What do you mean by "supportive care" through pregnancy/delivery? Bringing a person's body energies into balance and harmony, and maintaining that balance, is always important for wellness and vitality. For a woman who is trying to become pregnant or is pregnant, it is even more essential to assist the health and wellness of both mom and baby. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following energy package options:

Does Energy Medicine mean I'll receive a massage?  No, energy medicine is not based on massage or bodywork therapies.  However, during a session there may be times when touch is used to facilitate balancing of your energies, such as holding acupoints in an area of the body.

Do I have to be completely undressed for a session?  Your clothing does not have to be removed for an energy medicine session.  The only items usually removed, however, are shoes and belts.

How will I feel after an energy session?  Most people feel very relaxed and some people will even fall asleep during a session when their energies start to become more balanced and harmonious.  You may also feel an increase in your energy level or experience easier sleeping.  However, results of balancing sessions are as unique as the individual clients served and Energy W.A.V.E. can not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.

How long does a session last and what does it cost?  Sessions generally take 60 to 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions can be scheduled as needed and, depending on your specific needs, can be scheduled as a Series Session Package (more information about these packages can be found below).  Each session includes an intake discussion of reasons for seeking an appointment to ensure the session is provided according to your individual needs. Sessions can be provided in-house at Energy W.A.V.E., by phone/Zoom, or off-site.

Rates for in-house services and phone sessions = $80 per hour 

Payment is required at time of service.

Off-site session rates are adjusted to include travel costs. 

How many energy sessions are recommended?  The number of sessions you schedule is entirely up to you and your individual needs as we discuss what your specific needs might be.  In addition, Series Sessions are offered as a package of services, available at discounted rates, to monitor your progress toward easing and/or resolving effects of physical pain, improving wellness while experiencing less stress, or working together toward your personal health and wellness goals. 

By purchasing a Series Session package, the per-hour fee rate no longer applies and your sessions last as long as needed: 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours, or 2 hours or more, which can translate into a significant cost savings for you over individually-paid sessions.

3-session package = $190 (save $50), tax not included  
5-session package = $298 (save $102), tax not included

Does energy medicine involve eating or drinking special products or foods? At Energy W.A.V.E. no special products, drinks, or foods are a part of an energy medicine session, though it's always a good idea to drink water before and after a session to assure you are well hydrated. 

Do you use machines or electrical devices to balance a person's energies?  Medical practices today use a variety of machines to measure energy or effect healing (such as electrocardiograms to assess the heart's electrical energy, the use of sound waves to dissolve kidney stones, or applying electrical stimulation to decrease pain in the body) so the idea of using energy to assess and heal is common practice.

An energy medicine session at Energy W.A.V.E. utilizes techniques from ancient healing practices of many cultures to balance your life force energy. The life force energy has other names in other cultures, such as qi or chi in China, prana by the Hindus, and ka by the ancient Egyptians.  When a person's energies are out of balance, the flow of energy that sustains life can become compromised and dis-ease appears. At Energy W.A.V.E. the assessment and balancing of your energies during an energy or Bars session involves the use of the practitioner's hands and no machines or electrical devices are needed. In some instances techniques may be applied that not only involve the practitioner's hands but the use of a glass crystal, magnet, or light to shift and re-harmonize the flow of energies.

Do you bill insurance for the services you provide? I am currently unable to bill insurance for you as there is no assigned treatment code or national provider code for energy therapy accepted by insurance companies. However, if you currently have an FSA (Flexible spending Account), HSA (Health Savings Account) or MSA (Medical Savings Account) your energy balancing sessions at Energy W.A.V.E. may be covered for reimbursement as per the Internal revenue Service under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Are your services covered by flexible or medical health accounts? Yes, if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), or Medical Savings Account (MSA) your energy balancing sessions at Energy W.A.V.E. may be covered for reimbursement. However, if you don't know what is covered by your account, it's a good idea to check on the guidelines and requirements for submission of documentation, then be sure to inform me at the time of your scheduled appointment whether you will be using your FSA, HSA, or MSA.

If you will be using your FSA, you will need to provide me with a copy of a doctor's order/prescription or a Letter of Medical Need from your physician in order to meet your FSA account requirements. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website has guidelines regarding what must be included in a Letter of Medical Need. If you have already received an energy balancing session and think your FSA benefits apply, you can obtain a Letter of Medical Need and submit your invoice receipt as long as it is for that current eligibility period.

If you need a receipt for services to submit to your flexible or medical health account and cannot find the invoice provided to you by Energy W.A.V.E. at the time of your appointment, please call 605-590-0899 to receive another copy.