Referral Discount Program:

The Referral Discount program offers clients 15% off a personal energy medicine or Bars session for every client they refer who experiences an energy session at Energy W.A.V.E.

Be sure to remind the clients you refer to tell Penny who they were referred by...and you will receive 15% off an energy medicine or Bars session for yourself.

The Energy W.A.V.E. Referral Discount program is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the most natural way of enhancing their wellness and vitality, while you earn discounts for your energy sessions.

Energy W.A.V.E. Referral Discount Policy 

Write-a-Review Discount Program:

Energy W.A.V.E. offers 15% off your next energy balancing session.  

If you had a remarkable experience with your energy session, please tell me.  If you didn't have a remarkable experience, tell me that too because feedback helps Energy W.A.V.E. improve services and your ideas might be just what's needed to make your next session even better!  You can tell me about your experience in person and privately after your session, the positives and negatives are both important.

Here's the discount part:  For 15% off your next session, write a review on Google and help new clients find Energy W.A.V.E.   To write a review click this link: Google Maps

When Energy W.A.V.E. appears in your Internet window click on either the "Energy Wave" name or click on the business logo, and then you can write a review. 

Be sure to let me know by a phone call or e-mail when you've written a review so the 15% discount can be applied at your next session--easy as that!

Write-a-Review 15% discount is applied one time per each individual session; discount not valid in conjunction with other coupon or discount offers.

Looking for a Gift Idea?

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for a special person in your life, a friend or co-worker, or for a loved one that will relax their stress and energize their vitality?  Gift certificates from Energy W.A.V.E.  are the perfect gift for any occasion, or for no reason at all except "I love you."

Gift certificates are available for individual energy medicine and/or Bars sessions, group packages, or for a specific dollar amount.  Stop in at Energy W.A.V.E. to purchase gift certificates, or call 605-590-0899 to have a gift certificate sent to you or your loved one.  Gift certificates can be mailed (standard postage rates apply), picked up in person so you can choose the gift certificate design, or e-mailed if you're shopping at the last minute.




Energy W.A.V.E. Referral Discount Policy:  A client referred to Energy W.A.V.E. who receives an energy medicine and/or Bars session will inform energy practitioner of referring person's name at time of their session.
Energy W.A.V.E. will notify referring person of 15% Referral Discount to be applied toward their own energy session.  
Referral Discount will be valid for six (6) months from date of notification of applicable discount and Referral Discount notification must be presented at time of energy balancing session to validate 15% discount.
One 15% Referral Discount can be applied to one energy session; Referral Discount not valid in conjunction with other discount or coupon offers.
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